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Armenia was my dream for a long time. It was like a magnet to me. You can hardly find a country with more tragic and more interesting history. The origin of Armenians is unclear and surrounded by myths to this day. The most precise description of the origin of Armenian people was given by ancient philosophers. Herodotus said Armenian people came to the area of Mount Ararat and Lake Van sometime between 9th to 7th centuries B.C. Mountain Ararat plays a very important role in the lives of Armenians. It has become a symbol of Armenia. The paradox is that Ararat belongs to Turkey, the Turkey that almost exterminated Armenians during the Armenian genocide in 20th century. Despite all that Ararat proudly remains to be the Armenian national symbol and together with Noah’s Arch it is depicted in the national emblem of Armenia. Look at the lives of today’s Armenians through the lens of my camera.

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