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I went to Albania in 2009 to photograph originally something else. My task was to photograph doctors who take care of patients with the final stage of cancer. I was documenting the life story of doctors and their patients. These days were full of strong emotions and I needed a rest, I needed to recharge my energy so I escaped to the nature. One day I stumbled upon a dump. The dump was alive with people, especially children. I started talking to them. I was surprised how good their English was. These kids came from a local village, their families were poor, and the only way how to earn some extra money was the dump. They were sorting the waste. Looking for cans, paper, metal and forgotten valuables. Sometimes they found dumped cartridges and even the guns. I was not surprised, the war ended not long time ago and many families still had a machine gun hidden under their bed. I befriended with some families, they invited me to their houses and one family even took me to the Sunday Mass. I photographed the dump nearly every day for two weeks. These moments taught me that a man should appreciate even the little things in life. So here I am, sharing my experiences through the lens of my camera.

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