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Sevan is undoubtedly a prominent symbol of Armenia. Sevan is a mountain lake lying in the very heart of Armenia. It is also the biggest Caucasian lake. The water from the lake feeds surrounding cities and numerous hydroelectric power stations. At the same time Sevan is one of the most favorite leisure places for locals and foreign tourists. Sevan is very popular mainly amongst Russians, who become predominant during the high season. The lake gives jobs to people. They fish the popular Sevan trout, they have revenues from tourism but on the other hand they have to live in uncertainty and worries from the upcoming season. This uncertainty is evident from a number of abandoned and unfinished houses around the lake. The locals never know what the new season brings. What the weather is going to be like and how many tourists arrive. The life here is not as romantic as it seems. In reality it is harsh and the local people have to work very hard. Sevan is a magical place; it kept me awake for a long time. I wanted to experience Sevan out of the season – without tourists. What does the real Sevan look like? How do locals perceive it? Visit Sevan through my photos and experience its other side, the side that is not shown in tourist catalogues.

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