Wedding Karolina and Honza

There are some weddings I love to remember. This is one of them. It took place in my beloved Plumlov, which is a small town near Prostejov. Everyone knows Plumlov Dam. But Plumlov has other absolutely perfect places that not many people know about. For example, right above the Plumlov dam there are beautiful forests where you just have to go for a walk sometime. I’ve known about them for a long time and have often taken photos in them, whether it be wedding portraits or just family photos. But now I’ve discovered another amazing place. I’ve walked past it often but kind of neglected it. Why not take a photo on the ledge of the dam wall? If the bride’s a gymnast and the groom’s an athlete, it’s no problem. And the result? Judge for yourself.

The ceremony and the following wedding party took place at my favorite hotel in Plumlov. The ceremony was performed by Mrs. Hemerková from Prostějov and I must add that I really like her ceremonies very much. They are always original and cheerful. The bride wore a dress from the Caxa Olomouc salon and the make-up was done by the make-up artist Petra Bílá.

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