Wedding – Lucka and David

I love autumn. I love the amazing light and colours of the forest and the overall perfectly mystical atmosphere that autumn has. And that’s why I was so excited when I had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful natural wedding in the heart of the Highlands. The weather played with us for a while, in the morning it even looked like it was going to rain all day but then fortune smiled on us and at times the sun even shone beautifully. The ceremony was perfect. It was taken care of by the well-known pastor Rostislav Šiška, whose ceremonies are not really ceremonies but rather a beautiful conversation. One is sorry when the ceremony comes to an end. To take the portraits we went to a nearby forest, which at that time looked magical. One could close one’s eyes, listen to the rustling of the trees and the wind, and one immediately felt like in the land of elves. And then, after that, we went to Vávra’s rock. Do you know Vávra Rock? If you don’t, I recommend visiting the place, it’s breathtaking. Just don’t be put off by the electric fences and the trail that doesn’t seem to go anywhere. The afternoon rainbow was just a kind of icing on our wedding cake, which every wedding photographer must love.

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