Wedding – Terka and Elvin

As a wedding photographer, I have the opportunity to photograph all sorts of ceremonies. And I admit that every ceremony has its own charm and sometimes surprises me with different traditions. Even now I captured a moment of love and connection when I had the privilege to photograph Elvin and Tereza’s wedding in beautiful Mikulov. This time their union was sanctified by the priests in an Orthodox ceremony in the local church, which was full of symbolism and magical emotions.

After the ceremony, we went to the local castle where a banquet was held. The atmosphere was full of joy and happiness, and I did my best to capture the smiles and looks of the newlyweds and their guests. The castle created a beautiful backdrop for this important moment in Elvin and Teresa’s lives. Those who were lucky enough to visit Mikulov Castle will surely agree with me.

After lunch we explored the castle garden together, where we created beautiful portraits of the newlyweds overlooking Svatý Kopeček. This moment of intimate connection was full of love and tenderness, and I did my best to capture every important moment and detail.

Elvin and Tereza’s wedding day in Mikulov was not only a professional challenge for me, but also a wonderful experience that I was lucky enough to tell through my photographs. Each image carries with it a memory of this beautiful moment and reminds us how important the loving moments in our lives are.

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