Romantic photo shoot of Terka and Kaja in the underpass

Photographing Terezka and Kaja in the old glass underpass at sunset was one of those experiences that you don’t forget. You know – usually we shoot in the park, in the garden, in the meadow or in the woods, but this time I had a free hand in choosing the location and so I decided to go a little different way and we went to an industrial looking old underpass in Olomouc. And believe me, it was a very good idea.

The idea for this unusual place came after long hours of driving around the city looking for inspiration. And yet I know the place so well, I have photographed there several times but I had completely forgotten about it. But I’ve only ever taken portraits of girls there, never a couple. So I thought I’d give it a try, the place was just right for Terka and Kaja.

When I suggested it to Terka and Kaja, they agreed. So I was halfway there. Now I just prayed that the weather would work out. I wanted the sun to be slightly below the clouds to create a nice soft light.

I picked up Terka and Kája in town and together we set off to our destination. When we first got to the underpass, we were all amazed by the amazing light. The glass walls became a giant canvas for the sunset, which slowly drew beautiful shades of orange in the sky. It was something that is hard to describe in words, but you can definitely feel the play of light from the photos.

The shoot began and I was literally engrossed in the way the light changed and danced on the knitted glass. Tereka and Kaja were amazing models, full of love and spontaneity. Their joy and tenderness was contagious, and I was grateful to be a part of the moment.

During the shoot we experimented with different positions, angles and composition. Every moment was different and special. When I saw Terezka and Kaja laughing and hugging, I knew this was the right way to capture their love.

And then came the highlight – the sunset itself. The sun’s rays passed through the glass of the underpass, creating a unique cascade of color. It was a moment I could replay over and over again. Photographing this beautiful couple in such a magical setting was an experience that filled me with incredible joy.

The photo shoot in Olomouc in an old glass underpass was an adventure full of beauty and emotions that we all enjoyed very much. Terezka and Kaja were rewarded for their trust with a series of photos that are definitely different than usual. And believe it or not, the whole shoot didn’t even take 30 minutes.

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