Wedding – Lucie and Jakub

The world of love and romance is one of my favourite places where my photographic orifesse often takes me. Recently, I had the privilege of being part of the beautiful wedding day of Luca and Kuba, a couple full of love and passion who said their eternal “I do” amidst a magical rural setting. I am happy to share with you my unforgettable impressions of this wedding adventure, at least with this little photo-taste.

Between Olomouc and Prerov you will find a beautiful wedding venue, which became the backdrop of this beautiful day. The Béšt Hospůdka, a cozy and charming barn, became an important element of the wedding event. For Luca and Kuba, it was an irresistible place to choose for their big day.

The ceremony itself took place in a picturesque meadow near the barn. The sun shone brightly in the sky, while the rustling of leaves and birds created a harmonious backdrop. Every moment was magical and full of emotions that I tried to capture with my lenses. The feelings of happiness and joy in the eyes of Lucy and Kuba were unmistakable and unforgettable.

After the vows were said, we moved to the adjacent forest to create portraits of the newlyweds. The green foliage and the thundering sunlight created the perfect setting to capture their love and connection. They were a joy to work with as their enthusiasm and affection was reflected in every image.

And then the storm came. The clouds were gathering in the sky and the thunder announced that rain was coming. We had no choice but to retreat to the barn and hope the rain would pass us by. Although it seemed that the storm would spoil our relaxed mood, the opposite happened. No raindrops fell, instead a magical atmosphere was created by the storm clouds above us. The light after the storm illuminated the landscape and created an incredibly romantic and mysterious mood. This was the moment when I realized that nature has the incredible power to enrich our lives with these magical moments.

Lucy and Kuba’s wedding day culminated with their first dance, accompanied by sparkling sparklers. This moment was bright and full of joy, symbolizing the beginning of a new chapter in their life together. It was a dance full of emotion and love that I was privileged to capture in my images.

This whole wedding day was incredibly inspiring and moving for me. I had the privilege of capturing the love, joy and adventure of Lucy and Kuba as they decided to share their lives together. The Besht Hospice witnessed their love and I had the incredible opportunity to record this wonderful moment in their lives.

This wedding was a reminder of how beautiful and unique wedding days can be. I am grateful that I was able to be a part of this unforgettable event and capture this love with my camera.

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