Wedding – Jana and Petr

This was one of those weddings that will be etched in your memory and always bring a smile to your face when you think of it. A beautiful bride and a charming groom. The dress by Blanka Matragi, the ceremony in St. Wenceslas Church and the absolutely phenomenal parish priest Zbigniew Czendlik. When I read an interview with Mr Czendlik, it was said that someone once asked Cardinal Duka: “And what do you think of this Czendlik? Isn’t he a bit of a threat to the reputation of the Holy Church?” The cardinal thought about it and replied, “One Czendlik is not a problem for the Czech Church, but if there were ten of them, it would be a problem.” And I understood very soon how Cardinal Duka meant it. Parish priest Czendlik is a different kind of parish priest. At his ceremony you laugh and cry with emotion at the same time. It’s a completely different ceremony than what I’m used to from other parish priests. Human and immediate. And then, over a glass of wine at lunch, you chat with him as you would with anyone else about the ordinary joys and sorrows of human life. That’s the way it should always be.

The actual celebration and banquet was then held in the beautiful House by the Park. I still remember the House by the Park as a building site and I always admire the owner for what he was able to make of the place. If you are thinking of a venue for a wedding in Olomouc, the House by the Park is definitely a great tip. The refreshments and buffet were then taken care of by Lobster Family restaurant from Olomouc. A very nice addition to the fun was the public cake decorating, which also involved the bride and groom. The end of the evening belonged to the sparklers. I like the sparklers very much. It looks great in the photos and people have a great time during it. It was an amazing wedding.

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