Wedding – Monika and Frantisek

I like easy-going grooms and cheerful brides. Is this a sign that the wedding is going to be like what? Just relaxed. And in the years I’ve been shooting weddings, I’ve found that the universe has certain rules and it usually works out that as the couple is, so are the friends and guests at the wedding. So this wedding was hilarious. Very happy. The ceremony took place in the church in Smržice and the subsequent celebration in the beautiful Hotel Plumlov by the Plumlov Dam. I’ve been photographing more and more weddings there lately, as the place is getting more and more popular. And so sometimes I feel more like a Prostejov wedding photographer than an Olomouc one. But I enjoy it because I have the opportunity to discover more and more interesting places. So here I present you a small taste of that amazing wedding, where everyone had a great time and laughed really all day long.

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