Wedding – Klarka and Martin

I am proud to say that I am an Olomouc photographer, but as a result, I actually spend the whole year traveling all over the Czech Republic and abroad for weddings, and I have been spending less and less time in my beloved Olomouc in recent years. And so I was even more pleased that I could photograph the wedding of Klárka and Martin in the heart of Haná. Olomouc is simply an amazing city and it must win everyone over with its beautiful streets, cafes and tucked away pubs. Klárka and Martin got married in a church, more precisely in the Dominican Monastery. Then, after the ceremony, the whole wedding party made their way, quite loudly, towards the place of celebration. It took place in Konvikt, a place that probably doesn’t need much introduction to Olomouc residents. Watching the wedding procession was quite fun. I mean, to be more precise, watching the expressions of the passers-by was fun. It has been kind of confirmed to me over the years of photographing weddings that as the couple is, so are the other guests at the wedding. So if you’re photographing a smiling and happy couple, you can assume that the rest of the wedding crew will be a happy bunch as well. And they are. Even though it was supposed to rain the whole det, the weather cleared up for a while and allowed us to shoot at least a few portraits in the historic part of town. And then the wedding was on the wings of fun and endless partying. This is the kind of wedding every wedding photographer wishes to shoot. And you can see at least a small taste of that wonderful day.

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