Wedding – Petra and Jakub

Not far from Olomouc is the small village of Zábeštní Lhota, where you can find a beautiful place with an inconspicuous name Bešt – Hospůdka ve stodole. The owner is Mr. Nemec, one of the most amazing operators I have probably met in my career. And this place has this interesting magical ability. It draws other amazing people to it. And so I always look forward to shooting a wedding here again. This year I photographed Pete and Jacob’s wedding here and it was confirmed once again that this place just draws the most amazing people to it. Everything went 100% right for these two that day. The weather was perfect and so nothing prevented them from enjoying their wedding to the fullest. Such a relaxed couple is every wedding photographer’s dream. Another advantage of this pub is the fact that you can literally go a few metres outside the property to take portraits, as there are beautiful woods nearby. This will be appreciated by every bride and groom, as the photo shoot really only takes a few minutes as a result.

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