Wedding – Petra and Tom

The ceremony in the romantic vineyard was a beautiful combination of nature and love. The images capturing Petra and Tomas embracing and under the sparkling sun are like something out of a fairy tale. Their joyful smiles and mutual affection formed the perfect frame for this wedding fairytale.

We created exceptionally intense portrait photographs together in the heart of the vineyard, where time seemed to slow down to give us enough space to document the true expression of their feelings. In these moments, nature was as excited as we were because we were able to capture the authenticity of their relationship while slowing down the approaching storm. But if you could have seen the clouds, my goodness, what a spectacle. I confess, I like this drama better than a swept-out sky.

After the ceremony, a festive feast and celebration took place in a cosy local guesthouse, whose atmosphere was brightened by wine and friendly spirit. Tasting local wines brought new dimensions to the sensory experience, while the sound of dulcimer music accompanied these precious moments.

But what truly amazed me was how this young couple managed to fan the flame of joy and euphoria throughout the evening. With incredible enthusiasm and energy, Petra and Tomas immersed themselves in the celebration with their loved ones. They danced, laughed, and beamed so much that it was impossible not to turn a blind eye and get swept away in this whirlwind of happiness. And this was reflected in the number of photos submitted, which was almost 900.

Petra and Tomas’ wedding was a testimony of love, joy and harmony that will inspire many generations to come. I am grateful to have been a part of this amazing story and to have captured it for eternity through my lens.

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